Through the pandemic, many people were looking for our services, especially with the new work from home rules popular with most companies. At the start of the pandemic, companies shifted quickly to work from home and did not know how long it would last, so it was challenging to get through processes, and the staff had to work remotely to get anything done.

We are an Ontario phone, security, infrastructure system installation, and repair service company, and we have worked with many clients for a long time. We learned that people need to feel comfortable about the company that they will be working with and have some suggestions of things to ask or look for.

1. Do they offer in-person install, training, and support?

Many VoIP companies run entirely remotely. They will ship you phones and offer phone or online support, but if you need someone there to help you, you are out of luck or have to ask your IT professional. Cozzmic stays local so that if personal support is needed, we are available.

2. Will they help with setup?

Having a VoIP system with lots of features is great but if you have to figure it out yourself, then you aren’t doing your actual job. Cozzmic works with you to learn what you want, and then we design the system for you.

3. Do they understand my business or industry?

For many businesses, especially if they were in the same line of work for a long time, they don’t know what a major difference a new VoIP phone system makes. Anyone can give you a list of 100 features and let you figure out what you like. We’ve worked in many industries and know what options have worked for them, and can give you specific options that may work for you, either now or later.

4. Are they giving me what I need or what they want to sell?

We don’t have set packages or “levels” of access for each user at different price points. We build every phone system to our customers’ needs. We focus just on the phone system and don’t try to cram in extra features just because they are cool (and cost more) or maybe really useful to someone else. We do have add-ons that cost more, but you don’t have to buy a set of them just to get one.

5. What are my other options?

If a company sells VoIP, that’s what they will sell you. Cozzmic has VoIP, Traditional phone systems, and Hybrid options, so we can offer you a solution that works for you and your business. So if VoIP doesn’t work, we’ll find an alternate solution that does. We would also have a conversation with our clients to understand their requirements better so we can suggest options that would work well for them.

If you are looking for assistance with telecommunication, technology, and security solutions for residential and businesses, connect with us at Cozzmic. We provide the highest quality products and services at very reasonable prices. We have a team that can assist you with all of your requirements, and they would even come to your house or office and work on the setup and give you suggestions if there are any changes that you need to get through. If you want a better understanding of the services that we provide, please click here. If you are looking to connect with us or think we can assist with a requirement, please click here.