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Business Phone

Our hosted business phone systems offer great features for every member of your team. The best part? Cozzmic manages the PBX for you! Our packages begin at $32.99 per line/month.
This service requires internet access and is best suited for businesses that need new equipment and a fully managed phone system.

Can Add Options for:
  • Multiple people on the phone at once (pay per line, not per phone)
  • Call routing (only ring to people who need to answer)
  • Call Queues (on hold until someone is available to answer)
  • Hot Desking (remote/mobile workers can login to phone when at office)
  • More auto attendant options (directory, and probably enough people to warrant options)
  • Easy to add phones as company grows
  • Easy to move to PBX from other plans
  • Customizable on-hold messages

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SIP Trunking

Have PBX equipment and features that you want to continue using? Cozzmic offers SIP Trunking, a service that will reduce your phone bill! Some PBX Systems support SIP Trunking already, whereas older models will require an adapter.
Best Suited for Businesses That Want to Keep Their Existing PBX and are more comfortable with their own systems.
Requires Internet Access.

  • Canada/US Calling Included
  • Keep existing phone number
  • Toll free numbers available
  • Virtual phone numbers available
  • Fax to email available

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Home Office Phone

The home office phone is the ideal small business phone service for your home office or small team. Our easy to use phone system allows you to continue to use your traditional phone exactly as you did before. Our phone service for small office allows you to also make traditional telephone calls just as you would from your traditional phone line. As a base package, this will allow you to make one phone call at a time, but it can be easily extended to allow individual business phone lines to each member of your team!
Best Suited for Single Phone Line Businesses

  • Canada/US calling
  • Voicemail to email
  • Call forwarding
  • Follow me
  • Hold music
  • Keep existing phone number
  • Basic auto attendand
  • Automatic switching to night mode
  • 3-way conference calls
Can Add Options for:
  • Fax to Email (or fax line, but less popular these days)
  • Virtual Phone Numbers
  • Toll-free Number
  • After Hours/Emergency Attendant (forward to on-call tech etc.)

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Home Phone

Are you ready to increase your home phone’s call quality while keeping a little money in your wallet? With the use of our simple phone adapter, easily plug in a traditional phone and continue using your phone as though you never made a change! Choosing a phone plan should be easy, that’s why we offer one home phone plan with loads of features, free calling to Canada and the US and low International rates. No more trying to figure out the right calling plan, feature add-ons, or discount international rate plans. With Cozzmic, you will never have to miss an important call.
Best Suited for Single Home Phone Lines

  • Keep your current phone number
  • Use your existing Phone
  • Excellent customer Service
  • Save money on phone services
  • Easy to move and add phones
  • Call continuity / automatic failover
  • 3-Way conference calling
  • Phone call filters & blocking
  • Phone call transfer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Voicemail to email
  • Phone Call Forwarding
  • Phone Call Waiting
  • Full Control

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