First of all, we hope everyone is staying safe.

Cozzmic has been moving our schedule around to help companies work more safely and in many cases, allow people to work from home. The nice thing about our Hosted PBX system is that it allows people to just take their phones home and continue using their phone as usual.

Although we do manage a lot of on-premise PBX’s, the options are not quite the same. With on-premise, we have been adding recorded messages about business changes due to COVID-19 and have setup forwarding to an external number. Usually this results in people using their personal cell phones if no business cell phones are provided. This also has the problem of employees calling out from their personal cell phone number instead of the business number.

With a Hosted PBX, employees can just bring their desk phone home with them and plug it in. All extensions remain the same so your recpetionist (who can also bring their phone home) can still transfer to everyone else as usual. Voicemail is still accessible and calls still go out as your business phone number, providing consistency and reducing confusion.

If you don’t want employees taking the phones home, we can also provide a soft phone, which is an application that runs on a computer or smart phone that acts as a phone on your system. These can duplicate your employee extensions so it still behaves the same as you are used to.

Another advantage is that our Hosted PBX can be managed remotely from anywhere instead of requiring a site visit, and service call. This makes it extremely easy to update messages, update office hours and after hours, and change the entire routing of calls in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

We know a time of crisis is not the best time to do self serving marketing, but it does highlight the flexibility and reliability of the Cloud Based Phone System that we have been promoting for years. If you are having problems adjusting your phone system to the current crisis and need a better solution, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help. It may not be immediate, but we can usually swap an entire system out in 2 weeks or less. If this crisis goes on into June or later (as expected) then this can save many many headaches.