In today’s world, controlling access to your premises is of the highest importance. Whether you are restricting people from entering an apartment building or keeping your high traffic office unit secure, Cozzmic has a solution for you.

Keeping your security measures up to date means less chance of unwanted intruders and peace of mind for your employees, tenants, and self. Here are some of the main benefits of access control:

Benefits and Examples:

Control access to areas for specific people – let your tenants in but keep unwanted solicitors out.

Restrict access for someone who once had access – a disgruntled previous employee would not be able to enter the grounds.

Difficult to duplicate – a key can be copied discreetly and handed out without your permission.

Easily record a history of entry – you will be able to track who is coming and going.

Protect valuables from theft – not only does it add extra levels of security, but just the presence of access control devices generally deters theft.

Increase safety – keep employees, tenants, and everyone safe with a higher level of preventative safety.

How Cozzmic Can Help:

Our range of access control systems for residential and business use, meaning we can find an option that will work well for your specific application.

Our door access solutions include apartment entry systems, card access units, electric door strikes, and door phones, while our Door-Guard entry panels are a perfect solution for all sizes of residential multi-tenant dwellings. This easy to use option is extremely versatile and integrates with the existing phone wiring – that means low installation costs!

We also offer stand-alone units and multi-door systems, as well as a variety of controlled access devices for all your commercial and residential locations.

Not sure what you need? Give us a call today and our team of experts will find the right system for you. Reach out today at (519) 752-3553 or toll-free 1-800-521-4837.

We are thrilled to help you find the peace of mind access control can offer…because At Cozzmic, We Care.