Effective access control systems are vital for businesses to ensure security, protect assets, and control access to their premises. Various types of access control solutions are available, each offering unique features and benefits.

Card access control

Card Access Control systems allow users to present cards, fobs, passcodes, or phone to a card reader or keypad to gain entry. Card-based access control provides convenience, as cards are easy to carry, can be programmed to authorize on a schedule, and can be quickly deactivated if lost or stolen, enhancing security and ensuring efficient access management. Long range sensors allow for easy authorized vehicle access to parking garages or gates. All access is logged by user and the system can be integrated to other security systems.

Visitor entry systems / intercoms

Intercoms and Multi-tenant entry systems both provide a convenient and secure way to verify visitors, grant or deny access, and facilitate real-time communication between a building entrance and its occupants. Intercoms may be stand alone or integrated with your phone system, based on your needs. Multi-tenant entry systems allow visitors to call the tenant directly, often to the tenant’s cell phone, to gain entry to the building.

Wireless battery-free smart locks

Developed in Finland and new to Canada in 2022, the iLOQ series of cylinder locks and padlocks provide a cloud based entry system with no wiring or batteries required. This makes it an easy solution to install in an existing building or in remote locations as they are rated to operate at -40℃. Powered by the NFC in a user’s phone, full or limited access can be granted to someone by text message or email. Padlocks and Key Lock boxes make it easy to provide access to contractors or staff without providing physical keys or lock combinations. The Cylinder locks make it easy to convert an existing building into a smart building.

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