Construction work is time-consuming, and many factors come into play when building or renovating. For the lack of proper knowledge or resources, people tend to overlook some basic things that can cause inconvenience to the inhabitants later on.

It is feasible to plan out everything well in advance and ensure that you incorporate the necessary features and amenities during renovations. You can seek help from a professional who can guide you through the process.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, COZZMIC has put together a list of the most common oversights when building or renovating.

1. Overlooking renovations

We take care of your business’s technology infrastructure, so you don’t have to think about it. With an efficient partner, this can take a lot off of your mind. Unfortunately, it also means you may forget about the office infrastructure when it comes time to renovate an office, move into a new office, or even build a new one. It is very common for people to get so caught up in what needs to move that they forget to think about what should go in before they move.

2. Forgetting about data lines

Not all offices have modern wiring, so moving into a new office may require running new cables to support the way you run your business. This is easiest to do during a renovation before you move in. Ideally, data cabling is installed, or at least roughed in, when the ceilings and walls are open, as is common during a renovation. It is still possible afterwards, but it takes more time and cost.

3. Ignoring the need for security

Any office will come with keys, but the cabling required for an alarm system or cameras is also better installed during a renovation or before office furniture and equipment is in the way. For security, we use wireless options when it is more feasible. However, you then have to worry about changing batteries every few years. We also prefer wired camera systems that can best prepare during renovation.

4. Not planning for IT/Security equipment

Although the IT equipment for most businesses is not excessively loud, it is nice to have them located out of the way. For small amounts of equipment, usually just a modem, router/firewall, network switch, and CCTV Recorder, we can install a cabinet above head height in an office, in a closet or in a back room. This tends to work better than placing it under a desk.

5. Paging in the office, warehouse, and production areas

To maintain health and safety, it is good to have paging speakers throughout the workplace. An office may have paged through the speakers, but in case of emergencies (or just to locate people), you need speakers that can span the work area and be audible and easily understood around production equipment. Again, cabling and installation are easier before equipment is in place, and we can plan a system based on the planned equipment locations.

6. Insufficient cellular signal strength

With more people relying on mobile phones for work and using them in emergencies, you need to have a good cellular signal in your office and work area. Most buildings are some combination of steel and concrete, neither good for cellular signals. New buildings often use Low-E glass, which is suitable for insulation but even worse for cellular signals. As long as there is a good signal outside the building, a cellular booster can be installed with indoor antennas to increase the strength of the cellular signal inside the building.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at COZZMIC.

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