Whether you own a small or large business, call routing strategies help cut down on hold times, prevent endless call transfers to multiple receivers, and improve the overall customer experience. All in all, call routing provides effective communication with customers or clients and, at the same time, helps you maintain a good public image for your business.

At Cozzmic, we understand the principle behind call routing, have seen what others in the same or similar industries do and can implement the changes. So to help you understand the options available when someone calls your business, we have put together a Beginner’s Guide about call routing. Keep reading to know more!

Getting Started

Understand call routing: Think about what or who people are looking for when they call in. Is it mostly customers or suppliers? Do they know who it is that they want to talk to or just a department? Is the staff person more likely to be at their desk or out of the office? How many people are calling in at one time?

Next Steps

Talk to the person who takes the most incoming calls: This is likely the receptionist or office manager. They will have a good idea of the most common requests. Select a rep for call-ins: Decide if you still want a person or group of people to answer or an automated attendant.

Identify your needs: What are your needs for calls after hours? Do you want a general voicemail or access to individual staff voicemails, or is there an emergency line?

Advice From The Pros

Update your system for a better customer experience: Everything can be easily changed, so it is alright to change the process as your comfort level increases or the business changes. You don’t need to think of everything all at the beginning.

Don’t worry about mistakes: Any mistake can be rectified, but it is good to talk to the people taking the most calls to see how they want their calls (or their department calls) handled.

Start simple: You can start with just ringing all phones and a general voicemail. Then change which phones ring, add an auto attendant or call queue, or whatever changes when it feels best for your business.

Keep it simple: You don’t want to send customers through several levels of automated attendants. It can ruin their call experience.

Think about it from your customer’s perspective: We try to get callers to the person they want to talk to as fast as possible, but your customers may not like automated attendants. So, ensure you understand their preferences.

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